FOX 59: MARCH 27, 2020

Governor refuses to release crucial virus prep info

“We need a full accounting of how many critical care beds we have, how many ventilators we have, what kind of medical equipment we need to keep our medical professionals safe and treat patients as the numbers continue to increase,” she said. “Either we’re completely hiding information that is critical to the way we proceed in this state or we are either lying to the public or we’re caught flatfooted. Neither one of those scenarios is a good scenario.”

NWI.COM: MARCH 22, 2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Mara Candelaria Reardon

We are losing a fierce advocate and a great representative with Congressman Pete Visclosky’s retirement. I’m grateful to have gotten my own start in public service working for him as a federal projects coordinator, and I know he’ll be sorely missed across the Northwest Indiana community. But we will feel the loss of such a strong leader most acutely if we elect someone who isn’t ready to step up from Day One and hold Donald Trump and the Republican Party accountable.


Lake, Porter state legislators call on governor to use surplus to help residents during COVID-19 pandemic

State Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon, D-Munster, called on the governor to use that state’s surplus, which he has said is a “rainy day” fund. “I think it’s pouring right now, and it’s pouring hard on Hoosier families and businesses," Reardon said.

NWI.COM: MARCH 10, 2020

Indiana ban on drivers using handheld phones wins approval

Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon, a Munster Democrat, said while it might be difficult for police to enforce the ban, it sends a message similar to when laws were adopted requiring seat belt use.

NWI.COM: MARCH 1, 2020

'Fighter and friend' Candelaria Reardon honored by Indiana House colleagues

Candelaria Reardon was the first Latina elected to the House in Indiana history, as well as the first Latina elected by her fellow representatives to serve as chairwoman of the House Democratic caucus, a position she currently holds.

NWI.COM: FEB 17, 2020

Region lawmaker persuades governor to view Lake Michigan shoreline damage

Gov. Eric Holcomb has promised a Northwest Indiana lawmaker that he will visit the Region's Lake Michigan shoreline to personally see the impact of the record-high water level and the erosion caused by winter storms. State Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon, D-Munster, said she received the visit pledge from the Republican governor after she pressed him last week on how the state plans to address the costly infrastructure damage...

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